Espia 2004


Control what others do on your PC


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Are you not the only one who is using your PC? Do you want to know what others are doing on your computer?

Espia 2004 is a spy tool that will log key strokes and capture images and video if you have a webcam, and it will do all this in silence.

The program will remain hidden (even ctrl alt supr.) As long as you perform the collection tasks. You can see all the conversations of the user, find out the websites your children are visiting or what programs other person is using.

In short you can see absolutely EVERYTHING that has been done on the PC. The program includes two safety systems to avoid being closed by other people. In addition it has an easy to use client to configure the program.

Log the keys that have been typed on the keyboard, capture pictures every x seconds, and take photos using the webcam. It's great to spy other using your computer.

You can hid the folders where you keep your files.
Many errors have been fixed.


The trial version is closed automatically after 5 minutes of use.
The screenshots cannot be stored in jpg, only in BMP in the DEMO version. Once you have bought the complete version, you can store screenshots in JPG too.

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